Everything White House for 6/15/2017. |ホワイトハウスからのメールマガジン:

Everything White House for 6/15/2017. |ホワイトハウスからのメールマガジン:

Everything White House for 6/15/2017. |
President Donald J. Trump is dedicating this week to workforce development. Today, the President will attend the Governors and Workforce of Tomorrow roundtable to discuss the critical importance of vocational training for young Americans. President Trump will later give remarks on the Apprenticeship and Workforce of Tomorrow initiatives and sign an Executive Order.
Today's Events
9:40 AM: Vice President Pence departs Washington, DC on Air Force Two en route to Miami, FL
10:00 AM: President Trump receives his daily intelligence briefing
10:45 AM: President Trump drops by the Governors and Workforce of Tomorrow roundtable
11:00 AM: President Trump gives remarks on the Apprenticeship and Workforce of Tomorrow initiatives and signs an Executive Order - Watch
1:00 PM: Vice President Pence Speaks at the Conference on Prosperity and Security in Central America - Watch
1:30 PM: Press Briefing with Principal Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Sanders
2:00 PM: President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump participate in the Investiture Ceremony for Justice Neil Gorsuch
2:00 PM: Vice President Pence participates in a bilateral meeting with President Juan Orlando Hernández of Honduras
3:00 PM: Vice President Pence participates in a bilateral meeting with President Jimmy Morales of Guatemala
4:00 PM: Vice President Pence participates in a bilateral meeting with Vice President Óscar Ortiz of El Salvador
4:45 PM: Vice President Pence participates in a meeting with President Jovenel Moïse of Haiti
Photo of the Day
President Donald J. Trump and Ivanka Trump | June 13, 2017 (Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian)
On Tuesday, President Trump delivered remarks to members of Congress detailing the disastrous effects of Obamacare. He urged the Congressmen to repeal and replace the failing healthcare law. The President also touched on the economy, where he highlighted the 16-year low unemployment rate.
On Tuesday, President Trump traveled to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to meet with victims of Obamacare and deliver remarks on healthcare. Many Americans couldn’t keep their plans as promised, had their premiums double, and have fewer options than ever before.
On Tuesday, Vice President Pence gave remarks at the US Department of Health and Human Services expressing his appreciation for all the hardworking individuals of the Department and addressing the continuing collapse of Obamacare.
On Tuesday, President Trump made remarks at a Workforce Development Roundtable to emphasize the importance of vocational training and apprenticeships.
On Wednesday, we celebrated President Trump’s birthday, the Army’s 242nd birthday, and Flag Day.
What We Are Reading
"Government should be a means of empowerment, not dependency, as well as a safety net. As President Trump discusses building America’s workforce, public housing has a role in that discussion. Those who receive housing assistance must have a path toward jobs, wealth creation and economic improvement." - The Washington Times
"Throughout his career, President Trump has seen firsthand the success of apprenticeship programs in the building trades. Throughout his campaign, as he met with a countless number of Americans, President Trump repeated his commitment to expand job opportunities here in America. Apprenticeships will be one of the ways that President Trump will deliver on his commitment." - The Des Moines Register
"Federal officials have rounded up close to 40 accused members of MS-13 in New York City and Long Island in the 30 days following vows by Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions to crack down on the gang, known for terrorizing immigrant communities." - New York Post

2011年6月15日のためのすべてのホワイトハウス。 |

ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領は今週、労働力開発に専念しています。今日、大統領は、未来のアメリカ人の職業訓練の重要な重要性を議論するために、Tomorrow roundtableの知事と労働者に出席する予定です。トランプ大統領は後に、明日のイノベーションの訓練と労働力に関する発言を行い、エグゼクティブ・オーダーに署名します。

9:40 AM:Pence副大統領がフロリダ州マイアミへの途中でAir Force TwoでワシントンDCを出発

10:00 AM:トランプ大統領が毎日の情報ブリーフィングを受ける

10:45 AM:トランプ大統領が明日の円卓会議の総裁と労働者によって辞退

11:00 AM:Trump大統領は、Apprenticeship and Workforce of Tomorrowイニシアチブの発言を行い、Executive Orderに署名します。

1:00 PM:ポンス副大統領が中米の繁栄と安全に関する会議で語る - 見る

1:30 PM:プリンシパル副報道官サラサンダーズとのブリーフィングプレス

2:00 PM:トランプ大統領とメアニア・トランプ大統領がニール・ゴルシュフ裁判官のための入植式に参加

2:00 PM:ポンス副大統領はホンジュラスのフアン・オーランド・エルナンデス大統領との二国間会合に参加する

3:00 PM:ペンス副大統領がグアテマラのジミー・モラレス大統領との二国間会合に参加

4:00 PM:ポンス副大統領がエルサルバドルのオスカル・オーティツ副社長との二国間会合に参加

4:45 PM:Pence副会長がハイチのJovenelMoïse大統領との会合に参加

ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領とイワンカ・トランプ大統領2017年6月13日(Joyce N. Boghosianによる公式ホワイトハウス写真)






「政府はアメリカの労働力を構築することについて議論しているので、公的住宅はその議論の役割を担い、住宅援助を受ける人々は雇用、富の創出への道を持っていなければならないと経済の改善。 - ワシントンタイムズ

トランプ大統領は、彼のキャリアのいたるところで、建築業における見習いプログラムの成功を直接目の当たりにしてきました。彼のキャンペーンを通して、無数のアメリカ人と会いながら、トランプ大統領はアメリカで雇用機会を拡大するというコミットメントを繰り返しました。トランプ大統領が彼の約束を果たす方法の一つです」 - デモイン登録

連邦政府当局者は、トランプ司法長官とジェフセッションズ弁護士が、移民コミュニティを恐喝している同団体を解任することを宣誓してから30日以内に、ニューヨーク市とロング島のMS-13被告40人近くを切り上げた。 - ニューヨークポスト